Continuous modelling of point clouds by means of freeform surfaces

Ambiguity fixing in real-time PPP - Determination of uncalibrated phase delays using a regional network

3D point clouds for forestry applications

Laser Ranging to Space Debris from Graz Laser Station

Development of the lunar gravity field model GrazLGM300a

Scheduling Strategies for the AuScope VLBI network

OLG REPRO2 - Start of reprocessing the densification networks

Performance Evaluation of the Use of a Low-cost High Sensitivity GPS (HS-GOS) Receiver in Forests

Renewal of the Austrian Gravimeter Calibration Line HCL

Knot estimation on B-Spline curves

Monitoring Tectonic Processes in Eastern Austria based on GNSS-dervied site velocities

Investigation of the influence of the incidence angle on the reflectorless distance measurement of a terrestrial laser scanner