Robert Weber

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Site-Augmentation of Empirical Tropospheric Delay Models in GNSS

Ambiguity fixing in real-time PPP - Determination of uncalibrated phase delays using a regional network

Monitoring Tectonic Processes in Eastern Austria based on GNSS-dervied site velocities

Aktuelle Multi-GNSS Implementierungsszenarien - Sicht der Systembetreiber und des IGS

GNSS/IMU integration for the precise determination of highly kinematic flight trajectories

The development of enhanced algorithms for rapid precise point positioning

Active tectonic deformation at the transition from the European and Pannonian domain monitored by a local GNSS network

Precise Point Positioning - Towards Real-Time Applications

Comtemporary Education and Quality Assurance in the Geodesy and Geoinformation Programs at the Vienna University of Technology

Automated quasi-realtime prediction of GNSS clock corrections

Determination of Earth rotation variations by means of VLBI and GPS and comparison to conventional models

The instantaneous Earth rotation - still inaccessible?

A critical assessment of the current EGNOS performance

Das neue Nutationsmodell

GNSS-Echtzeitorbitkontrolle auf Basis Internet-transferierter (NTRIP) RTCM-Datenströme

Results of Modelling GPS Satellite Clocks

Estimation of the Tropospheric Delay from GNSS Data over the Austrian Territory

Realisierung moderner 3-D Referenzsysteme für Wissenschaft und Praxis

Konzept der hierarchischen Netzstruktur für AREF

Das GPS-Grundnetz AREF-1. Auswertestrategie, Modellbildung und Kombination

Monitoring Earth Orientation Variations at the Center for Orbit Determination in Europe (CODE)

GPS-relevante Koordinatensysteme und deren Bezug zum Österreichischen Festpunktfeld