Heft 2/2019

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Very Long Baseline Interferometry for Global Geodetic Reference Frames

Austrian contributions to the realization of time systems

Atmosphere Monitoring by means of GNSS – Research Activities at TU Wien

Detection and mitigation strategies for GNSS interference attacks

The relevance of Modern Cartography and the demand for contemporary education: The International MSc Cartography

Monitoring time variable gravity – bridging Geodesy and Geophysics

EUREF Analysis and Data Center at BEV Vienna

Improving GNSS Realtime Height Measurements in Mountain Areas – Activities of the D-A-CH Group in the Alpine Region

APOS - Austrian Positioning Service on the Way to Multi GNSS

Österreichische Geodätische Kommission – Beratungsorgan der Politik in Österreich Aufgaben und Arbeitsweise

Lidar and Photo: differences and integrated processing

Geoinformation Research Directions